Privacy Policy Service "One2Go"
(Revision No. 1 dated May 20, 2019)
Please carefully review our Privacy Policy to know what information we collect, for what purposes we use it and what you can do with this information.

1. General Provisions
This One2Go Service Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to information transmitted by users (hereinafter referred to as Users) in its use to Aerotaxi Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as the Administrator) (TIN 7725275693, OGRN 1157746501109), which is located to the address: 115054, Moscow, st. Dubininskaya, 57, building 1, pom. I K 7, is the administrator and owner of the Service, as well as its affiliates who are in the same group as the Administrator.
Service - a website on the Internet, located at, as well as an application for mobile devices operating on the basis of the iOS or Android operating system, designed to obtain information about the cost of traveling by taxi on various routes.
The administrator pays great attention to the protection and confidentiality of users' information. Users can use the Service without providing any information about themselves. However, to provide certain services through the Service, the User may need some information in a limited amount specified in this Policy. Any information about the User that the Administrator receives is used solely for the purpose of providing the services offered by the Service.
You can place personal data in our Service and manage it in various ways to ensure confidentiality. By registering on the Service, you provide a specific set of information that allows you to use the Service and also makes our Service more convenient and useful for you.
The following describes the principles and methods of processing information for all Users of the Service who have agreed to the terms of this Policy.
The fact that the User uses the Service means the User's unconditional consent with this Policy and the conditions for processing information provided by the User specified therein. In case of disagreement with these conditions, the User is obliged to refrain from using the Service, removing it from his mobile device.
Please read our Policy before using the Service or transferring your information through the Service to the Administrator.
Rights granted to you in accordance with this Policy:
- the right to receive information;
- the right of access;
- the right to correction;
- the right to delete;
- the right to limit processing;
- the right to object to processing;
- the right to data portability;
- the right to withdraw its consent.

2. Description of User information received and processed by the Administrator
When using the Service by the User, as well as when paying for and using the Service's services, when conducting surveys on the Service, the Administrator may request the User to provide the following information that is not the User's personal data:
User Name (without last name and patronymic), User's phone number, login and password information for accessing certain functions of the Service, information on the number, cost, time and order of Service orders issued by Users or third parties, information on unique advertising identifiers ( advertising ID) of devices that the user uses to use the Service, information on participation in advertising promotions of the Service, information on subscription to information materials or materials from the Service's support services. Required to provide information marked by the Administrator through special markings, the rest of the information is provided at the discretion of users;
information that is automatically transmitted to the Administrator when using the Service using the software installed on the User's device, including the IP address, cookie information, information about the country and / or the city where the User is located, information about the User's Internet browser (or other the program that is used to access the Service), the access time, the address of the requested Page, about the User's device that is used to access the Service.
This Policy applies only to the Service. The Administrator does not control and is not responsible for the websites and software of third parties to which the User can follow the links available on the Service. On other websites of third parties, the User may collect or request other information, as well as other actions may be performed for which the Administrator is not responsible.
The Administrator does not verify the accuracy of the information provided by the Users, and does not exercise control over their capacity. However, the Administrator assumes that the User provides accurate and sufficient information, and keeps this information up to date. The consequences of providing false information are defined in the User Agreement and the legislation of the Russian Federation.
The administrator does not collect or process personal data of the User, described in the current legislation of the Russian Federation, is not an operator for the collection and processing of the specified data and does not require their submission for use of the Service.

3. Purpose of collecting and processing information
The Administrator uses the information provided by the User solely for the purpose of rendering the services offered by the Service and improving their quality, as well as to make the services and content of the Service easier and more convenient to use, including for:
User identification in the framework of the provision of services by the Service;
to process the requests of Users by the Service Administrator or the Service support service;
for analysis and research to improve the Service, as well as the products and services of the Service;
for sending news and promotional information about products, services, special offers of the Service;
to send service messages (for example, to recover the password for access to the user account);
to prevent and detect fraud and illegal use of the Service, the Service's services;
for statistical and other studies based on anonymized data.

4. Terms of information processing
The Administrator uses the information of Users only for the purposes and in accordance with this Policy.
Your data allows us to make our Service more convenient and useful for you.
Without providing the minimum set of data by you, we unfortunately will not be able to provide you with the opportunity to use our Service due to technical characteristics and parameters. User information is also necessary to ensure the stable operation of the Service (for example, it helps to monitor failures) and to optimize it.
In respect of the information of the User, its confidentiality is maintained.
The Administrator will not disclose to third parties, distribute, sell, dispose of, or otherwise dispose of the information received, except for the purposes and methods provided for in this Policy.
Information about you is not visible and not available to other Users. By no means should you provide a login and password to access the Service to third parties.
When processing information from users, the Administrator is guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

5. Transfer of information about the User in accordance with the law.
We may provide your personal information to businesses and individuals not
associated with the Service, if we honestly believe that these persons are entitled to receive, use, store or disclose this information on the following grounds:
They ensure compliance with legal requirements, implement a court decision, or enforce a request from a government body / institution;
They detect fraud, stop him or otherwise seek him
prevent, as well as work to resolve technical or security issues.

6. Modification or deletion of information from the Service
The User may at any time change (update, supplement) the information provided by him or her part, using the function of editing information on the Service in the personal section of the User.
The user can also delete the information provided to them within his account by sending to the Administrator (at his address) a letter requesting to delete the information. At that, account deletion will be made within 30 (thirty) days from the moment of receiving the letter by the Administrator and will result in impossibility for the User to use certain services of the Service.

7. Protection of User Information
The Administrator ensures that the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures are taken to protect the Users' information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with it.
To protect your information on our Service, special tools and technical tools are provided. On our Service implemented reliable means of protection to ensure the safety of your data. When servicing the Service, we receive information that allows us to detect and automatically eliminate a variety of security problems. If necessary, we will inform you about certain problems and tell you how to avoid them. We do our best to protect the Service and our Users from unauthorized attempts to access, modify, disclose or destroy data stored in our possession.
You can at any time request removal of information about you. We do everything necessary so that the personal data of the Users in our Service will not be deleted by accident or as a result of illegal actions. Therefore, information may disappear from our active services and backup systems not immediately after you delete it.

8. Cookies
A cookie is a small text file sent to the hard disk of the User's computer from the Administrator's server. Cookies contain information that can later be used by the Administrator.
No information collected by the Administrator through Cookies can be used to identify (identify) Users.
The administrator can use cookies to control the use of the Service, to collect non-personal information about the Users, to save preferences and other information on the User's computer in order to save the time the Users need to repeatedly enter the same information in the Service forms, as well as to display content during subsequent visits by the Service User.
Information obtained through cookies can also be used by the Administrator for statistical studies aimed at adjusting the content of the Service in accordance with the preferences of Users.
The user can change the settings for receiving cookies in the settings of your browser, or disable them completely, but in this case, some of the functions of the Service may not work correctly.

9. Opt-out
By accepting the terms of this Policy, the User agrees that when the User specifies in the account settings in a special section of the User on the Service his phone number or email address, the Administrator will have the right to send information to the User via short SMS messages or emails about services, updates and terms of use of the Service, as well as other information, including advertising.
The user has the right to refuse to receive such information by self-deactivating the mailing function in the settings of the mailing list by clicking on the special link indicated in the letter or sending the Administrator an email to the Administrator's email address - [email protected]

10. Children's information
The administrator takes the protection of information about children seriously, and strives to protect the confidentiality of this information.
We urge children under the age of 18 not to use the Service without the permission and participation of parents or guardians, and also not to provide any information about themselves.
The rules for using the Service oblige parents to provide continuous monitoring of the use of the Service by children under 18 years of age.

11. Differentiation of the Service Policy
The Privacy Policy presented here does not regulate the following:
data processing procedures in other companies and organizations;
services offered by other companies or individuals

12. Changes to the Policy. User Consent with the Policy.
The User acknowledges and agrees that the use of the Service, any of its services, functionality means the unconditional acceptance of the User with all points of this Policy and the unconditional and full acceptance of its terms.
The continuation by the User of the use of the Service after any changes to the Policy constitutes his acceptance of such changes and / or additions.
The user undertakes to regularly review the content of this Policy in order to get acquainted with its changes in a timely manner.
The Administrator reserves the right to change and (or) supplement the Policy at any time at his own discretion, without any prior and (or) subsequent notification of the User. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its placement on the Service, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy. The current version of the Policy is always available in the Service interface at:
If you (the User) do not agree with the provisions of the Policy, refuse to use the Service and / or delete your account.

13. Final provisions. Applicable law. Contact Information
The law of the Russian Federation is applicable to this Policy and the relationship between Users and the Administrator arising in connection with the application of the Policy.
All Users of the Service have no access to this Policy.
We will be happy to receive your feedback, questions, suggestions and comments on our Privacy Policy, which should be sent to the following Administrator email address: [email protected]
Last modified date of the Privacy Policy 05/20/2019

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